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Kids with Capes

i am bold

i am a leader

i am anything

i want to be

- aries

kick chaos to the curb, warrior style by: 

starting a new chapter somewhere in your life


grab the day by the "_____" and:




start a little somethin' somethin'

note: the greatest warriors still show compassion for others, so don't bulldoze over anyone in your quest for new beginnings

aires - the first sign in the zodiac, so take the lead and before proceeding further, acknowledge that the information on this site is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only.  even a badass should always consult the advice of a healthcare professional before engaging in any activity or exercise.  results are not guaranteed and vary from person to person.

aries and your health:


aries rules:


the head

(and everything in it!)

what does this mean?

the moon is pulling fluids to the head today. if your aries energy is not balanced, meaning, you're finding yourself too explosive, fiery, hot-headed or impulsive, or if you've gone the other extreme and have lost that mojo feeling, watch out for head-related issues:  headaches, eye infections, face blemishes, hair loss, toothaches, runny nose, head cold, ear infections or teeth grinding     

Hipster Girl



we know it's not always possible, but if you can, try to avoid any head related procedures or surgeries todayvior

beware of:


making rash decisions

being impatient

being too argumentative

bullying behavior

suppressing your "i am" energy

Woman Boxing

"HIIT" it today by channeling 

your inner fire with a high intensity training workout 

HIIT refers to "high intensity interval training" which alternates short burst of intense cardio with less intense periods of recovery

* follow a high intensity training with a quick mindful meditation to counter the fire with a little patience *

hot tip

fuel the fire and keep your head in check with these tonics of the day:

treat yourself to an exfoliating face mask

Dog Spa

strike the right balance of fiery energy with an alternate nostril breathing exercise 

heads are gonna roll with a simple head roll exercise

we're head over heels for doTERRA's minty, citrusy motivating essential oil blend, aptly named, "Motivate" to unleash your inner aries warrior


made with peppermint plant, clementine peel, coriander seed, basil herb, yuzu peel, melissa leaf, rosemary leaf and vanilla bean absolute essential oils, this blend inspires a go get 'em attitude

full disclosure time!

this is an affiliate link, which means, if you go through this site to make a purchase, you will not pay more but we may receive a wee, little bit of commission.  please know, integrity is everything to us and we recommend these products because we believe in them.  period.

"essential" info:

essential oils are natural substances found in plants and are key components to the plant's immune system (hence, they are essential!)

research indicates that essential oils are kind of key for humans too, helping us fight infections, balance hormones and emotions as well as aid in regeneration

essential oils are no joke.  they are potent.  everybody is different and some people experience sensitivities to essential oils. certain essential oils (including some of the oils used in doTerra's Motivate blend) may increase sensitivity to the sun. read all labels and warnings and use only as directed. when in doubt, consult with a healthcare professional before use

not all essential oils are created equal.  we've partnered with doTERRA because, their essential oils are certified pure therapeutic grade (zero chemicals, zero synthetics!) and in our opinion, they're simply the best

want to identify your unique essential oil portfolio based on your personal zodiac blueprint?

send us an email for a free consult with chaos & tonic's very own eo expert:

the "essential" tonic for an aries moon day

choose your words

for the day

to get your head in the game

i am assertive and aware, courageous and bold. i possess the ability to pioneer and initiate new things. i lead myself to destiny

i am lit a/f

set your intention in stone by combining it with this aries inspired gemstone collection from cosmic cuts

human energy is easily influenced

the energy emitted by crystals and stones is solid; solid like a rock

by holding or having contact with healing gemstones, you have the power to channel this stabilizing energy and shift your daily intention into high gear

watch out world! here you come

power up this aries moon with a curated retail therapy collection:

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