home is where the heart is


feeling chaotic?

you may have veered too far from home

  • refocus your priorities on family

  •  express your emotions

  • show a little compassion

  • take time to nourish both your body and soul

it is with great compassion that we ask you, before proceeding further, to  acknowledge that the information on this site is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only.  please consult the advice of your healthcare professional before engaging in any activity or exercise.  results are not guaranteed and vary from person to person.

cancer and your health:


cancer rules:

the chest



what does this mean?

like the crab's outer shell, our chest is the outer shell that protects our heart and allows for those nice, deep breaths. if you're feeling emotionally stifled, unable to express your feelings or emotionally depleted you may be experiencing tension, anxiety and possibly digestive issues. hydrate to reduce water retention and don't feed your emotions with rich foods.  

Image by christian buehner

beware of:


being overly sensitive, dependent or needy today

putting everyone else's needs ahead of your own

retreating inward and internalizing your emotional needs




if you can, avoid undergoing any heart or stomach surgeries or procedures today

Family Dog

enjoy quality family time over a home cooked meal (hey, doesn't have to be cooked in your home!)


take a soak in a hottub, bathtub, lake, puddle - whatever body of water is at your disposal

About to Kiss

give a loved one a nice smooch or a comforting hug


i'm gonna face this day like a mother


Yoga on Deck

practice a few heart opening yoga poses, like a crescent moon lunge


i nurture myself.

i nurture others.

i nurture life.

i find home anywhere.

i give and receive love and support in a balanced way

take time today


start and end the day with a nurturing mantra

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