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Twins on a Skateboard

find someone to talk to

(matching outfits, optional)

- gemini

Modern Love

feeling restless and chaotic today?

gemini inspires curious minds,

a fun, lively attitude and

quick movements which can easily translate into 

nervous energy

quench your inquisitive nature and learn something new 

communicate your ideas - start that novel, memoir or prose you've been thinking about

make the most of that twinsie power and connect with your bestie 

while we're talking, we must ask you to acknowledge that the information on this site is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only.  always consult the advice of a healthcare professional before engaging in any activity or exercise.  results are not guaranteed and vary from person to person.

Image by Akim Young

gemini rules:






beware of:




being fickle

juggling too much

feeling scattered

gemini loves 2s - 

watch out for impulses to buy or eat 2 of everything

avoid (if possible):


if you can, try to postpone any shoulder, arm, hand or lung surgeries or procedures to another day

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what does this mean?

the moon is pulling fluids to the shoulders, arms, hands and lungs today. these body parts allow us to reach and connect to others and our surroundings. if the unpredictable nature of gemini gets super scattered or you're not communicating or connecting to the outside world, you could experience respiratory issues, or symptoms in your shoulders, arms or hands

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Image by Cristiano Pedroso Roussado

double your gemini power with these tonics of the day

can't concentrate? 

too many things to do and don't know where to start?

need clarity?

reclaim focus with this 1 minute "rinse cycle" for the brain

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Dancing Hands

do something with your hands!

make shadows on the wall

put on a sock puppet show

try your hand at knitting or play that instrument that's been collecting dust in your closet since high school

Workout Lesson
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do some plank poses


throw in a few push-ups for good measure


engage those gemini lungs and calm the mind with this quick and simple kundalini meditation

ahhh, we feel better already

the "essential" tonic for any distracted gemini energy:

doTERRA's Thinker Blend

counter that lack of focus with this proprietary blend of vetiver, peppermint, clementine and rosemary essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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*please note this is an affiliate link.  you will not pay more should you purchase something through this link but we may receive a small commission from your purchase*

"essential" info:

essential oils are natural substances found in plants and are key components to the plant's immune system (hence, they are essential!)

research indicates that essential oils are kind of key for humans too, helping us fight infections, balance hormones and emotions as well as aid in regeneration

essential oils are no joke.  they are potent.  everybody is different and some people experience sensitivities to essential oils. read all labels and warnings and use only as directed. when in doubt, consult with a healthcare professional before use

not all essential oils are created equal.  we've partnered with doTERRA because, their essential oils are certified pure therapeutic grade (zero chemicals, zero synthetics!) and in our opinion, they're simply the best

want to identify your unique essential oil portfolio based on your personal zodiac blueprint? send us an email for a free consult with chaos & tonic's goddess of tonics


i breathe in inspiration and gather information with intuitive searching. i connect to the world and share the wisdom of my illumined mind

- betsy

choose your words of intention for the day

i'll take one for me


another for my friend

- crystal

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set your intention in stone by pairing it with a gemini inspired gemstone collection of rutilated quartz, tiger's eye, aquamarine, blue quartz and emerald

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why use gemstones?

human energy is easily influenced

the energy emitted by crystals and stones is solid; solid like a rock

by holding or having contact with healing gemstones,  you can channel this stabilizing energy to shift your daily intention into high gear


gemini is all about connecting and communicating. 


put pen, pencil, or crayon to paper and start creating with the

write here. write now. journal

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