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time to step out from the wings and into the limelight

Image by Ray Grau

get to know 


an  education
planetary ruler | element | modality

planetary  ruler  -  the  sun

each sign is ruled by a planet. and the planets in your chart are functions and forces within you.

leo's planetary ruler is the sun. the sun symbolizes your core purpose, the archetypal energy you are here to develop into. it's your creative force. it's how you shine and express yourself in the world.

element  -  fire

the fire element is yang in nature, meaning its expression is outward, moving away from the center.

fire has a wild and untamed quality. signs with a fire element need to feel special + celebrated. they yearn to go beyond the normal limits and need live experiences. no wallflowers here. fire signs are imaginative, creative, instinctual + intuitive.

 modality  -  fixed

the modality of a sign describes how that sign moves through the world.

signs with a fixed modality love to plan + build. predictability + structure are important. too much change will throw you off your game.

Image by Brennan Martinez


to be recognized.
to put on a show
for just one or many.
to show up.
to take risks.
to shine.
to do what you love.
to create.
to love and be loved.
to create and live in your own myth.
to have a love affair with life.
to have love affairs of the heart.
to direct your passion into something meaningful to you.
to live your life on your terms.
how to keep that
leo fire burning bright
where there's smoke, there's fire
and leo needs fire in the form of inspiration to keep the internal flame burning.
leo's magic sauce is doing what they love, creating from and for themselves + being recognized by others. 
if it's not in that big leo heart
and leo isn't getting anything out of it,
the fire wanes and leo's brightness dims. 


empowered   is:



a powerful:

embraces their archetypal personalities:


queen | king | sun | self | goddess | god | actor | performer | teacher | creator | star | hero | heroine 

everyone has leo somewhere in their astro chart.

you are your whole astro chart.

and find out how all of your signs work together.

signs you are overfeeding or underfeeding your inner lion:

leo gone wild

drama queen
show off

leo gone

hides your light
hides your creative gifts
steals other's light + energy

i express myself
i shine. you shine. we all shine.
i create my own narrative.
i am leo, all things "heart." i am the sun, the authentic self.
i radiate my inner light + love out to the world.

ma   tras





leo inspired


what is special about me?
what makes me shine?
what do i love?
what are my superpowers?

Image by Angèle Kamp

what  to  get

the  leo


in  your  life

books about self-empowerment

such as

Oprah's Book Club pick +

NY Best Seller: "The Way of Integrity: Finding the path to your true self" by Martha Beck

essential oil:

doTERRA;s "Citrus Bliss"  made with wild orange, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, red mandarin, green mandarin, lime, litsea, tonka bean and vanilla absolute is the perfect blend to restore confidence + inspire leo's creative expression. 

crystals + gemstones

cosmic cuts created an exclusive collection of gemstones just for leo. collection includes black tourmaline, carnelian, black onyx, blue tiger's eye + tiger's eye.


our exclusive "label yourself a creative" hoodie has leo written all over it!

an astro reading

leos love to know all about themselves!

a fun experience

show your leo some attention.  take them to a play or concert, make a leo inspired cocktail from astral tequila and then sit back and watch the sunset or keep the parting going  and watch the sun rise 

a royal treatment

indulge your leo with a spa experience. commemorate the day by gifting your leo with our hand crafted organic soy + essential oil candle.

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