shine bright, like a diamond

- leo

chaos got you down today?

Female Performer

time to step out from the wings and into the limelight

step into a phone booth if you need to, but come out today with your cape on and ready to show the world your superpowers 

here ye, here ye, before proceeding, we ask that you acknowledge that the information on this site is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only.  always, consult the advice of your healthcare professional before engaging in any activity or exercise.  results are not guaranteed and vary from person to person.

Hearts and Shapes

leo and your health:


leo rules:

the heart

upper back


what does this mean?


if you feel like you're not being recognized or valued, it may hit you right in the heart.

      be good to that heart of         yours and watch your   blood pressure  

beware of:


creating unnecessary drama

emotional outbursts


childish or egotistical behavior



try to avoid any heart or back procedures today.  when the moon is in leo, it's pulling fluids to these areas

Sunset Yoga

open your physical heart with some heart opening yoga, like a cobra pose

Ready Set Go
Image by Alina Grubnyak
Romantic Breakfast

feed your emotional heart with some good ol' fashioned romance


tips to make the most of leo's  bright, fiery energy

watch or create a performance. it's good for you!



get that blood pumping with a little cardio


add an "essential" tonic

(essential oil, that is)

for a leo moon

we're over the moon for:

doTERRA's "elevation" essential oil blend to boost the natural magnetic confidence inspired by a leo moon

get the most out of doTERRA's invigorating and uplifting "elevation" blend by diffusing it with one of doTERRA's diffusers
  "lumo sleep" and "petal essential" are our personal faves

full disclosure time!

this is an affiliate link, which means, if you go through this site to make a purchase, you will not pay more but we may receive a wee, little bit of commission.  please know, integrity is everything to us and we recommend these products because we believe in them.  period.

Image by Christin Hume

essential oils are natural substances found in plants and are key components to the plant's immune system (hence, they are essential!)

research indicates that essential oils are kind of key for humans too, helping us fight infections, balance hormones and emotions as well as aid in regeneration

essential oils are no joke.  they are potent.  everybody is different and some people experience sensitivities to essential oils. certain essential oils (including some of the oils found in doTERRA's "elevation" blend) may increase sensitivity to the sun. read all labels and warnings and use only as directed. when in doubt, consult with a healthcare professional before use

not all essential oils are created equal.  we've partnered with doTERRA because, their essential oils are certified pure therapeutic grade (zero chemicals, zero synthetics!) and in our opinion, they're simply the best

 get a free consultation with betsy, chaos & tonic's very own eo expert to identify your unique essential oil portfolio based on your personal zodiac blueprint

 how cool is that? 

 "essential" info:

option 1:

i am leo. all things heart.

i am the sun. the authentic, creative self.

i radiate my inner light and love out to the world.

- betsy

don't forget the power of intention


start and end the day with a

leo inspired


option 2:

not today satan.

  not today.

- crystal

set the day's intention in stone by pairing it with

cosmic cut's leo inspired healing gemstone collection of

black tourmaline, carnelian, black onyx, blue tiger's eye and tiger's eye 

why use gemstones?

human energy is easily influenced

the energy emitted by crystals and stones is solid; solid like a rock

by holding or having contact with healing gemstones you can channel this stabilizing energy and shift your intentions into high gear

vroom vroom

you can call me "honey" calcite bracelet


vibe candle made from pure organic soy wax and essential oils 

are our curated retail therapy picks for this leo moon

calcite bracelet single without text.png
vibe bedside lit.png