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escape from reality,

if only for a moment

- pisces




break free from the chaos

today was made for dreamers


 flow with the wistful, mystical quality of the day and let your imagination take flight

release your inner artist and see what may come of your creativity 

Image by Jeremy Bishop

if we may, we need to break the magical spell of the day to bring some very important, very real information to your attention. 

by continuing, you are acknowledging that the information on this site is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only.  always consult the advice of a healthcare professional before engaging in any activity or exercise.  results are not guaranteed and vary from person to person.


pisces and your health:


beware of:

being disillusioned and only seeing the world through rose colored glasses

getting lost in fear and overwhelmed by emotions

being gullible

addictive tendencies

as the moon passes through pisces, she's pulling fluid to the feet 


our feet are what keep us grounded


if the lofty nature of the day is lifting you too far from reality, you may be left feeling disillusioned 

and ungrounded. conversely how can your dreams take flight if your feet are planted too firmly on the ground ? 

pisces rules:

the feet

immune sytem

lymphatic system



if at all possible, try to avoid undergoing any foot related procedures or surgeries today

Perfect Feet
Image by Christin Hume
Image by Lesly Juarez
Image by Brett Jordan


to get you livin' in tune with this pisces moon

be good to your feet


your feet will be good to you

tip #1

start your day on the right foot (or left, you choose) with a delicious MELT technique for the feet

contact betsy and take a virtual class from the goddess of tonics herself! 

learn more about The MELT technique

*please note this is an affiliate link - you will not pay more should you purchase something through this link but we may receive a small commission from your purchase*

tip #2

get a foot massage

tip #3

walk barefoot on the ground

tip #4

dance, baby, dance!

Stones on Foot
Image by Alberto Bigoni
Image by Andre Hunter

the "essential" tonic

to support your immune system: 

doTERRA's On Guard blend

 made with wild orange peel, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus leaf and rosemary leaf/flower essential oils 

now more than ever our focus is on our health.

doTERRA's On Guard proprietary blend of essential oils is specifically designed to support immune health and respiratory function*

* please note, these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.  this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

full disclosure time!

this is an affiliate link, which means, if you go through this site to make a purchase, you will not pay more but we may receive a wee, little bit of commission.  please know, integrity is everything to us and we recommend these products because we believe in them.  period.

"essential" info: 

essential oils are natural substances found in plants and are key components to the plant's immune system (hence, they are essential!)

research indicates that essential oils are kind of key for humans too, helping us fight infections, balance hormones and emotions as well as aid in regeneration

essential oils are no joke.  they are potent.  everybody is different and some people experience sensitivities to essential oils. certain essential oils (including some of the oils used in doTerra's On Guard blend) may increase sensitivity to the sun. read all labels and warnings and use only as directed. when in doubt, consult with a healthcare professional before use

not all essential oils are created equal.  we've partnered with doTERRA because, their essential oils are certified pure therapeutic grade (zero chemicals, zero synthetics!) and in our opinion, they're simply the best

want to identify your unique essential oil portfolio based on your personal zodiac blueprint?

send us an email for a free consult with our very own eo expert:

take a couple of minutes for a mindful meditation

with intuition heightened and barriers weakened, our sense of compassion is heightened today


making this an opportune time to connect to your spirituality and to the whole of life through a mindful meditation practice

choose your words for the day

call it a mantra, call it an intention, call it anything you like, but starting your day with purpose sets a tone for the day

need inspiration?

 try one or both of our personal pisces picks:

Image by Maria Teneva
crystal talking head cartoon 2.png

crystal, curator of chaos

i got my feet on the ground so my imagination can run wild

betsy talking head cartoon.png

betsy, goddess of tonics

i am open to receive and bring spirit down to the earth, dreaming my life into being with awareness of the connectivity that exists between all things

set your intention in stone 

combine your mantra with pisces inspired healing gemstones


human energy is easily influenced

the energy emitted by crystals and stones, however, is solid; solid like a rock

by holding or having contact with healing gemstones, you can channel this stabilizing energy and shift your daily intention into high gear


and finally, try a little curated retail therapy collection for a pisces moon:

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