what's your super

everyone has a superpower but most of us, aren't accessing our full potential because we're overwhelmed, overstressed and over-subscribed.  aren't you just over it?

over a way of life that leaves you depleted, exhausted, and stuck in old, debilitating stress loops and patterns?

time to give your superpower wings. 

light + sound + vibration = the transformative trifecta

your brain IS your superpower 

the brain responds to vibrational frequencies such as sound and light waves as well as verbal cues.  certain frequencies bring us down and others level up our whole being.  the key to next level health and wellness transformation is as simple as catching the right wave. 


through our accessible, home-based sound, light, and personal customization plan, you can increase productivity and creativity; improve mental clarity; reduce pain, stress and anxiety; improve sleep; reduce fatigue; increase your energy levels; stimulate detoxification and create that highly sought after state of nirvana, called, "inner peace." 


and best of all, you can retrain your brain to finally break free from old, good-for-nothing patterns that are preventing you from being and living out the best version of your, self.

all from the sanctuary of your own home.


here's how

the mat.

is where it's at.

step 1.  choose from light, sound + vibration, 

or get the best of both

biomat with control panel.png

biomat  7000mx


infrared light mat

pain management
reduce inflammation
improve circulation
boost immune system
muscle relaxation and repair
cellular rejuvenation
improve sleep


bioacoustic mat.png

bioacoustic mat


the. sonic. tonic.

reduce stress and anxiety
improve sleep
increase relaxation
acoustic massage for tissues, muscles and joints 
increase energy levels and reduce fatigue
cellular stimulation


biotrinity care.png

the combo

sound + light + vibration = the trifecta

break the stress loop and destructive patterns and habits by healing the physical body and the mind.
combines the physical benefits of infrared heat therapies with the mental and emotional benefits of sound and vibration therapy 

can't decide? read what people are saying or contact us for more info.


your domain.

step 2.  create a home sanctuary.

the basement. the bedroom. the den. the office.  it's entirely up to you.

create a space for transformation. create a space for you. 

then, simply lie down on your mat and let the mat do it's thang.


to correct.

step 3.  take advantage of our expertise. 

when you purchase a mat through us,

you're not just getting an infrared light mat or an acoustic / vibration mat. 

you also have unlimited access to a plan customized just for you. 

for your needs. whatever your goal, we are here to help. 

we teach you how to use the mats for your specific needs.

and with access to our expertise, you can optimize your results

by learning how to say good-bye to those old, chaotic patterns

and hello to new, empowering and totally awesome patterns.

Spring Portrait

start by learning  more about your vibe and some easy things you can do now
to live
with more harmonic ease.

step into

a world of new possibilities