got chaos?

get tonics.

at chaos & tonic, we offer tonics to clear the chaos so you can get busy living the life you want.


you have a specific purpose in life, a raison d'êter.  but if you aren't feeding your soul, the care and attention it needs, you're never going to be able to fully realize your true potential.


our sole focus is your soul care. 

at chaos & tonic, we help you gain clarity on your unique soul purpose and offer 'tonics' specific to you that can transform chaotic energy into harmonic energy. 


once you're vibing with your true self, you can strive, thrive and live.

our tonic toolbox:

your astro fingerprint


when you know your soul's purpose, you're better equipped to navigate life's challenges and yes, chaos

discover your potential, your superpowers and your unique tonic toolbox by getting to know how you are innately wired. 


level up
your vibe


wish you could just take a magic carpet ride that could level up your health, wellness and life for good? 
umm, you can and it starts here. 
ok, in all fairness, this truly transformative tonic is based on science and tech, not magic, but if there was such a thing as a magic carpet ride, that could help you achieve the best version of your self,  this would be it.

cosmic energy  forecast 

want to know what the day may have in store for you before you head out the door?  you can!
get to know the natural energy of the day so you can optimize each day and flow with the cosmic energy instead of creating chaos by fighting against it.

tonic shop


from vibro-acoustic and infrared light mats to a curated selection of apparel, personal and home accessories, our tonic shop is stocked with products that are empowering, functional and make exquisite gifts for either yourself or your besties.