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you're on the journey
of a lifetime

derails us

from reaching our soul's destiny

the tonics

to keep you on track

so you can enjoy the ride

of your life

here's how

know where you're going

when you know your 'self' and your soul's purpose, you're better equipped to navigate life's challenges and yes, chaos

we offer cosmic coaching based on evolutionary and  health + wellness astrology to reveal the truth of who you are (your unique astro fingerprint) and your soul's purpose


know before you go

learn when to stay and when to go.

follow our weekly cosmic forecast for navigational guidance based on the cycles of time and the emotional energy of the day cast by the moon


dial down the chaos

pain, stress, fatigue, anxiety = chaos and chaos kicks us out of our lane.

dial down the chaos by learning self-care AND soul-care techniques to level up your lifestyle, health + wellness and overall vibe 


road snacks for the soul

your soul's journey is our soul purpose. 

we use your astro fingerprint to identify the specific nourishment your soul needs on a daily basis to stay healthy, happy and whole.

  think of it as road snacks for your soul! 

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