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time to step out from the wings and into the limelight

Image by Kyaw Tun

get to know 


an  education
planetary ruler | element | modality

planetary  ruler  -  neptune

each sign is ruled by a planet. and the planets in your chart are functions and forces within you.

neptune represents unity, transcendence, the divine and the search for ultimate meaning.  it is the planet of dissolving illusions and rising above the ego's limitations, in order to see the highest good, the highest perspective.

element  - water

the water element is yin in nature, meaning its expression is inward, energy moving toward its center. yin represents the feminine principle.

water embraces the fluid energy of emotions, reflection and non-rational understanding.  water responds to life with sensitivity.

 modality  -  mutable

the modality of a sign describes how that sign moves through the world.

mutable signs are innately flexible and adaptable.  they have an affinity for adjusting and fine-tuning creative projects.  they love movement, variability and freedom in their day-to-day.  too much structure or definition will agitate them.

to imagine
to dream
to be inspired.
spiritual connection.
Image by Elia Pellegrini



to escape the realities of the world,
at times.
ethereal, romantic, harmonious music.
to transcend earthly limitations
connect to a higher purpose.
to merge with the divine and others on an emotional level.
to seek
the ultimate meaning in all aspects of life, work and relationships.
to teach us how to surrender to something bigger than ourselves
to guide us toward a sense of oneness with the universe,
a place where unconditional love leads to a realm beyond the self.
how to keep 
pisces afloat
pisces needs to swim in the realm of feelings, empathy and spiritual soul connections.  but their dreamy nature can overshadow an ability to feel grounded.  pisces needs to be reminded of the importance of being grounded.
find an outlet for their imaginative nature and feed their imagination and sensitivity with artistic endeavors such as music, art, dance, or poetry;
commune with nature;
spend time in meditation or prayer
too much rationality, restrictions
and an inability to access their intuition and "feeling" nature can
deplete pisces' vitality.


empowered   is:




embraces their archetypal personalities:


(the energy patterns that make you who you are)



mystic | poet | artist | actor | boddhisatva | dreamer | psychic | devotee | visionary 

all of the previous signs of the zodiac culminate in pisces.  as the last sign of the zodiac, pisces symbolizes the completion of a cycle as well as the transition into a new cycle.  pisces embodies the lessons of all the signs that come before it.

associated with dreams, mystery, imagination, spirituality, transcendence, the collective unconscious and the ultimate ideals, pisces is the very symbol of consciousness.


where is pisces in your chart?

everyone has pisces somewhere in their chart.  

you are your whole astro chart.

and find out how all of your signs work together.

signs your pisces energy is out of balance:

Image by Pietro Jeng

gone wild



psychic sponge


Image by Kyaw Tun

pisces  gone

fantastical thinking

ma   tras





pisces inspired


all is one.
i am an open receiver of universal energy
and ground it on earth.
i feel my way through life with awareness that all-is-one.
escape from reality if only for a moment.
i harmonize my mind and body.
i am filled with compassion for others.
i set healthy boundaries to communicate to others
how i want to be treated.
i embrace my psychic power.
i dream.

what can i do today to feel connected to the whole
without losing myself? 
how can i nourish my spiritual being?
what dreams am i living for?
am i living my dream?
what gives my life ultimate meaning?
where do i wear rose-colored glasses?
what false perceptions of myself do i need to dissolve?
where do i sacrifice and martyr myself?
how do i escape?


Image by Angèle Kamp

what  to  get

the  pisces


in  your  life

books about transcendence + spirituality

our picks:

"Uncharted, The Journey through uncertainty to infinite possibility" by Collette Baron-Reid

"The Contemplative Heart" by James Finley

"The Buddha's Brain" by Rick Hansen and Richard Mendius

essential oil:

doTERRA;s "Arise blend.


feel inspired to arise to your dreams while still keeping those pisces feet firmly  grounded with this proprietary blend of lemon, grapefruit, siberian fir, osmanthus, and melissa essential oils.

crystals + gemstones


cosmic cuts hand selected collection of healing stones for pisces includes: sodalite to calm scattered and negative thoughts; aquamarine for its gentle, relaxing energy; amethyst to heal emotional and physical trauma; empowering black onyx and clear quartz to cleanse the inner spirit.

MELT method massage


pisces rules the feet, which connects you to the earth.  be good to your feet and ground that pisces energy with the MELT Method Foot Self-Treatment.  Enter code: "betsy@MELT" at checkout.

a soul path reading


inspire pisces with deep insight into the evolution of the their soul's journey; something that a traditional astrology reading cannot provide.

a "yogi" shirt


connect to pisces higher purpose with this inspirational and functional yogi tank top.

a cocktail to swim in


the "pineapple verde" created by astral tequila  is sure to quench pisces' spiritual  (and physical) thirst. but remember, all good things in moderation. pisces does like to escape reality from time to time and is vulnerable to manufactured forms of escape such as hallucinatory drugs and alcohol. 

an artist in the hood


speak to pisces' artistic nature with this one-of-a-kind hoodie.  how dreamy!

the trifecta


the ultimate pisces gift? why, a magic carpet ride, of course!  bliss out and ride the theta brainwave with this biomat trio.  theta brainwaves reflect a state of mind that is attuned to intense creativity, visualization, and sub-conscious problem solving as well as emotional healing in the sleep state.  yes, please!

a solar return reading


birthdays mark a new beginning. give your pisces the gift of insight into what opportunities and challenges await them this year.

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