cosmic forecast
week of december 5

are you "changing horses
in the middle of a stream"?

you may find yourself changing horses mid-stream this week.  wednesday's full moon in gemini is highlighting a couple of choices for you.  one can really support moving your evolution forward and the other is a no-go. one plan or contract may be coming to an end and another beginning. 


we're midway through the mars retrograde cycle and the nature of mars retrograde is to eliminate options that won't withstand the long haul of your soul's journey.  mercury and venus moving into capricorn will solidify the choice or direction and ask you for a hard commitment with respect to what is true and best for you.  your mission will require it so there's no risk of stalling out once you're on the road. get ready to put the pedal to the metal when mars turns direct in january.  until then, express yourself honestly.  say what you mean and mean what you say.

for many of us, the recent eclipses took us on quite the emotional ride.  there were alot of pushes to the soul for change.  and with all of the neptune transits, we still have heaps of uncertainty + unknown elements, leaving us feeling ungrounded, to say the least.  that's the bad news, if you will.  the good news is, there's also heaps of creative potency accelerating our evolution.  we are culminating something. we are healing something so some "thing" can come to fruition.

your mission should you choose to accept it is to just go with the flow and see where it all leads.  it's sagittarius season so let's take a cue from that future-bound, positive sag energy all around us and be hopeful, be optimistic.

the last full moon of the year at 16 degrees gemini conjunct mars retrograde is on wednesday and it has a karmic potency to it. expect illumination and because the full moon is in gemini, it may come in an immediate, quick fashion.  this full moon is also the midpoint of the mars retrograde cycle (our soul review and revival process) so expect to receive breakthrough info with your mars retrograde message.  whatever you have been facing lately, whether it be a relationship dynamic or life circumstance, is important to your journey forward.  use the breakthrough info you will be receiving to gain a new perspective to help unravel those knots.

pay attention to what your emotions are telling you. the emotional energy of this full moon is reminding us that we can only evolve through the emotional door.  what turns you on?  yeah, follow that!

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what's music

got to do with it?


music evokes emotion and like we said, the soul, (which is what this journey of life is all about,) evolves through the emotional body.  music is also vibration + frequency and has the power to shift our vibration + frequency. the higher we vibe, the easier it is for us to avoid chaos so we can stay in our lane. 

so turn up the tunes, move that emotional energy + shift your vibe into high gear.  cuz your soul's got places to be.

your soul is on the journey of
 a lifetime.

life is a journey, and your soul is in the driver's seat. how fast you arrive at your soul's destination has everything to do with your soul's evolution and your choices.


the soul evolves through the emotional body and from an astro perspective, the moon is the emotional body.  and just as our emotions move, (it is called "e-motion, after all) so too does the moon. the moon influences our mood as it moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac.  she wakes up the mood of every planet she touches - each planet symbolizing a force + function within us and

thus offers navigational guidance for your soul's journey.

week of december 5th:

monday until 3:49pm est tuesday - the moon is in taurus. you could be feeling a little anxious or jittery as the emotional intensity rises with the moon waxing to full.  align with the taurus energy and just BE.  keep grounded.  be in your body. feel the joy of all of your senses and just enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

tuesday calls for a reality check. you'll be inclined to feel optimistic, which is fantastic, but just make sure you are being realistic with your commitments and what you can actually accomplish. mercury ends its journey through sagittarius squares jupiter in pisces to remind us that we are always co-creating.

at 5:07pm est, mercury moves into capricorn until february. there's great potential here to turn those ideas into something real, something concrete. in the coming days, you'll be making a commitment to something and the full moon energy is revealing what it is your soul wants you to commit to.


tuesday, beginning at 3:49pm est through to thursday - the moon is in gemini. 

full moon exact at 11:08pm est on wednesday.

are you ready for what's next to be revealed? the full moon in curious gemini is conjunct mars retrograde to reveal what's next on your soul's journey. so, if you've been grappling with a choice about which direction to take, this full moon is highlighting the choice your soul is rooting for. something needs to end so that something else can begin. release any attachments that are not 100% true for you.  have honest conversations. respond. don't react. stay tuned to your emotions.  that's your soul talking, lighting the path forward.

this gemini moon window is all about communication.  it's a great time to promote yourself, your services or to launch a marketing campaign.


friday until 3:09pm est sunday - the  moon is in cancer.  

bring on the hugs! we're still steeped in all those emotions of the full moon, but this cancer moon is pulling us inward for emotional security. nourish your soul.

friday is a good mood day that's got your back in finances and relationships but be careful. it'll be easy to take things to extremes.  we've got venus in sagittarius sqaring jupiter in pisces.  jupiter/sagittarius energy can be excessive and venus wants what she wants.  so be aware of how you are spending your time, energy and money.  know your limits.

on saturday, venus moves into capricorn until january 3rd.


sunday beginning at 3:09pm - the  moon is in leo.  close out the weekend with some fun, some creativity, maybe a little romance.  let your heart shine bright!