cosmic forecast
for the week of
august 1st

oh boy . . . things could feel a bit tipsy turvy this week. 

the moon is waxing (increasing its light towards full) this week and the internal + external energy is building. this is a time of action, of initiating and moving forward towards your new moon in leo goals. we're talking those goals that have everything to do with your creative self-actualization and soul purpose in this life.

as we enter the first week of august, all eyes are on the combustive energy of the uranus-mars-north node conjunction. this powerful transit is catalyzing your soul's evolution + the changes you need to move from "kharma to dharma." rev up your engine where action needs to happen and roll with the changes. destiny is calling.

mercury moves from fiery leo and into grounded virgo on thursday. and so begins a 20 day period to clear out the mental + physical clutter occupying your mind, body and life. what needs to go? make room for what's to come. mercury in virgo wants to improve everything it touches. use this time to get things in order and to get a plan in place. your thoughts have the power to change your reality. keep it positive.

the first quarter moon on friday, in profound scorpio, calls us to transform our fears into creative action. how can you refine your plans + vision to emphasize your authenticity? take that passion and make it happen this weekend!


we will be honoring the retrograde times and hitting the reset button next week. yeah, vacay baby!  as such, we will not be publishing a cosmic forecast for the week of august 8th. but fear not, we'll be back in action with all the forthcoming cosmic weather for the week of august 15th!

Upside Down

roll with it, baby.
roll with it.

the moon is the emotional body and is always on the move, making its way through the zodiac.  the moon wakes up the mood of every planet it touches.  each planet also symbolizes a force in our psyches. 


as the moon moves, it influences our moods based upon the sign it's in. and music, well music, like the moon, has the power to shift our mood.  it shifts our vibe.

when  you join our mailing list, we'll send you a carefully curated playlist each week that will get you vibing in tune with the mood of the moon.  it's an easy, groovy way to align with the lunar energies + maximize the cosmic energy of each day.

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tonics for the times.

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new moon in leo

how to attune to the leo new moon:


open your heart | be generous with your love | have fun | express your unique self | live out loud |

take pride in yourself | take a risk

new moon in leo reflections:

am i happy? if not, what do i have to do with it? how can i invite more fun into my life? what is keeping me from expressing my creativity? am i living from an open heart? if not, what's standing in my way?

your daily dose of moonshine

 here's the deal.
the moon's superpower is that she's all about the feels. you can connect to this emotional energy by following her path as she moves through the signs of the zodiac, allowing you to flow more easily with the natural emotional rhythms of your life.  and given the choice, wouldn't you rather choose easy?


monday - the moon is in analytical virgo. moons in virgo can awaken our self-critical and self-doubting selves. focus on releasing the doubt and fear you may have around the change that is being ushered in for you. change can steer us toward our destiny, not away from it. venus in cancer and the new moon in leo cycle are on your dream team and they are calling you home toward your heart. believe. believe in yourself.

tuesday & wednesday - the moon is in harmony-seeking libra. relate to others. friendship. love. passion. all relationships are dominating the scene.  libra seeks to create harmony within relationships and within life. in music, harmony is how notes come together to produce chords that have a pleasant effect.  when applied to relationships, harmony is about compatibility. listen to harmonious music. subscribe to our mailing list for a weekly zodiac inspired playlist! open your heart. let your feelings come together in a beautiful way. create harmony in your relationships.

saturday (between 7:24am & 12:39pm est) - the moon is void of course. join the moon in the void and take the morning to reset your rhythms.  plan nothing. do nothing. just be. learn how you can easily restore your natural rhythms  + regenerate your mind in 4 easy steps. 


saturday (beginning at 12:39pm est) & sunday - the moon is in adventurous and light-hearted sagittarius. the mood lightens up just in time for the weekend! go outside. explore. be spontaneous and playful. venus in cancer is trining neptune in pisces, creating some romantic cosmic energy. make a date with yourself, or your family and tune into the magic of the universe. let the fireflies teach you how to dance under the light of the moon.

mars squaring saturn brings a little fixed energy to the scene to support relationship commitments and to offer the motivation + discipline to bring something to completion.