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cosmic forecast
week of march 20th


on the move.

don't you just love new? with aries season officially upon us, a new astrological cycle begins, representing fresh starts, new beginnings, motivation and action.  mars, the ruler of aries, takes what's in your soul and acts on it. 


in astrology, this is the true new year.  the next 30 days of this aries cycle may involve risks and choices to create a piece of revolutionary change in your life that offers more healing and peace.  

speaking of new, we've got a new moon and a new lunar month.  tuesday's new moon at 1 degree aries is inviting you to open up a new chapter in your life.  what you need during this cycle is action and sovereignty.  heed the call of independence.  make a courageous move during this aries season. this new moon is made for tackling things on your own and in your own way.

grab this new moon by its aries ram horns and create intentions specific to YOU.  find out where each new moon of 2023 falls in your chart and how you can use this lunar energy to co-create your life.  download the new moon and YOU pdf:

and before we move on to the other cosmic energy shifts this week, be sure to click here, to get all the tonics you'll need for this new moon.

okay, so the other big news comes from a small planet.  pluto, which symbolizes our personal and collective evolution, dips its toes into aquarius on thursday giving us a quick intro into the paradigm shift we can expect for the next 20 years.  since 2008, pluto has been in capricorn, which geared down our transformation to a slow grind.  pluto in aquarius, however, is gonna push the acceleration button to speed up that transformation.  this pluto in aquarius teaser, however, will only last until june 11th, when pluto retrogrades back into capricorn for the remainder of 2023.  this means that pluto's long haul in aquarius (through to 2044) won't really get started until next year.  so for the next couple of months, heed the call of pluto in aquarius, which is to follow your soul's unique fingerprint, to entertain something fresh and to be courageous enough to make it happen.  expect to be presented with a choice between the old and the new.  should you hang back and do what you've always done or do you go for the change? aquarius wants you to choose the change.  want to know where this change is happening in your life?  look to where aquarius is in your chart or book a cosmic coaching session.

the week wraps up when mars, pluto's younger bro, packs his bags and moves out of gemini and into cancer with a trine to saturn in pisces.  this is an invitation to dive in and immerse your whole being into what you want to do.  for seven months, while mars was in gemini, you were presented with options.  so now, the question is, which of those options are you choosing to act on?  for max reward, you really gotta jump in all the way.  whatever you choose, just make sure it's on the path that is bringing you home to your authentic self.

T is for


new moon, new tonics!

use the two weeks during the waxing phase of the aries new moon to launch projects or set intentions related to:

  • finding the courage to begin something you may have been avoiding;

  • discovering a cause worth fighting for;

  • physical fitness;

  • leadership;

  • entrepreneurialism

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  • *a cosmically curated playlist to inspire your soul's journey to its destiny!

*what's music

got to do with it?


music evokes emotion and like we said, the soul, (which is what this journey of life is all about,) evolves through the emotional body.  music is also vibration + frequency and has the power to shift our vibration + frequency. the higher we vibe, the easier it is for us to avoid chaos so we can stay in our lane. 

so turn up the tunes, move that emotional energy + shift your vibe into high gear.  cuz your soul's got places to be.

daily cosmic forecast.

your soul is on the journey of
 a lifetime.

life is a journey, and your soul is in the driver's seat. how fast you arrive at your soul's destination has everything to do with your soul's evolution and your choices.


the soul evolves through the emotional body and from an astro perspective, the moon is the emotional body.  and just as our emotions move, (it is called "e-motion, after all) so too does the moon. the moon influences our mood as she moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac.  she wakes up the mood of every planet she touches - each planet symbolizing a force + function within us.  the moon, and her cycles, 

 offers us daily navigational emotional guidance for our soul's journey.

week of march 20th:

monday until 12:01pm est tuesday - the moon is in pisces

it's the start of a new chapter as we reach the culmination of the pisces new moon cycle and welcome in aries season.  the dark moon in pisces is calling you inward to release what you don't want to drag into the next new moon cycle and this new chapter. while the moon is in its balsamic phase in pisces, your focus should be on reflecting, releasing and letting things flow.

.click here to learn more about pisces energy.


tuesday beginning at 12:01pm  through to 2:42pm est thursday - the moon is in action-oriented aries.

new moon exact at 1 degree aries at 1:23pm est tuesday.

get ready to initiate and assert your needs.  keep your cup of energy full.  you're gonna need it to fuel radical action toward beginning a new project or blazing a new trail.

click here to learn more about aries energy and click here for your new moon in aries tonics.

thursday beginning at 2:42pm until 12:19pm est saturday - the moon is in taurus.

this is a BIG! get prepped for a paradigm shift as pluto moves into aquarius until june 11th.  we're talking new innovations and new structures of power.  stay grounded.

the first quarter moon in grounded taurus is calling you to take action on your new moon intentions.  take a step, even a baby step, towards your goal.  taurus likes simple, slow and steady. use these days to slow down and simplify.  nourish your senses and enjoy the comforts of your life and your home. taurus is both practical and sensual so think about how you can cultivate more enjoyment and sensuality in your life.

click here to learn more about taurus energy.


saturday between 12:19pm & 8:42pm est - the moon is void of course.

while the moon slips into the void, mars (the choice-making planet and planet of desire) moves into cancer on saturday where it stays until may 26th.  your soul's desires will be speaking through your emotions and your emotional needs will now be closely tied to the achievement of your goals.  make choices from your head AND your heart. mars in cancer is asking you to dive in and immerse your whole being into what you want to do.  over the last seven months, while mars was in gemini, you were presented with choices.  now, it's time to choose.  what are you going to take action on?

click here to learn more about void of course moons.


saturday beginning at 8:42pm est through to sunday - the moon is in gemini.

life picks up speed.  you may find yourself hopping from thing to thing.  your mind is active and you may have a flurry of new ideas. expect an uptick in communications - phone calls, emails . . . just roll with it.  it's a great weekend to socialize.  be mindful of the potential for an information overload.  set aside some downtime.  this moon can wear you out!

click here to learn more about gemini energy.


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