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cosmic forecast
week of september 25th


know. you. will.

right brain,  meet left brain.  

a beautiful thing happens when we can balance rational, logical thinking with abstract, intuitive thinking. . . creative, out-of-the-box solutions! 


the week opens with the positive vibes of a mercury/jupiter trine on monday marking the 3rd time this pair has met up since august 9th.  this planetary pair symbolizes the relationship between the left brain (logical/rational thinking ruled by mercury) and right brain (the abstract, intuitive mind ruled by jupiter).  and this trine is giving you the support you need to balance the left and right brain making monday a primo day for finding creative solutions, thinking outside the box, presentations, interviews and sealing the deal.

from an evolutionary astrology perspective, the aim of a mercury/jupiter trine is to give more depth and breadth (jupiter) to the new story (mercury), new reality or new goals you have been working toward.  it may now be more possible to envision the path ahead with more clarity.  your intuition is speaking louder.  you will benefit if you heed the call and take action on the messages you are receiving.  remember, from now until the end of the year, jupiter retrograde in taurus has you focused on building the foundation you'll need to be ready for your 2024 trajectory.

the energy continues to build as the moon waxes to full in the sign of independent aries on friday (full moon exact at 5:58am est friday).  this full moon at 6 degrees aries brings the end of the month to a crescendo, revealing and illuminating something that needs to come to a culmination point in the aries / libra area of your life in order. a relationship dynamic that needs healing or shifting may be highlighted.

so, there's a theme here of letting go.  letting go of something fate has led you to and through.  emotional content in the form of anger and resentments from the past may rise to the surface for expression.  mars (symbolizing your personal will and desire) is ruling this full moon.  mars in your chart takes your soul's desires and wants you to act on them.  so this full moon will also be activating something new you are desiring to manifest at this time. mars is gonna ignite that personal will of yours and lead you to that something new.  however, with mars in libra moving closer to the south node in libra (symbolizing your soul's past tendencies), it will be important that you think things through before acting to be sure your actions are not a repeat of past patterns your soul is calling you to transform.    

we've also got mars' counterpart, venus squaring uranus (the wild card) at this full moon.  venus is the planet of relationships and finances, so there is potential for breakthroughs prompting sudden changes to both. a note of caution - reactivity within you or others could be high at this time so get grounded and enter this full moon window with awareness. look to saturday's mercury trine uranus, to deliver some news or a-has to light up the path ahead. 

and we're not done yet.  friday's full moon is the pre-amble to the new moon solar eclipse at 21 degrees libra in two weeks.  so, this full moon is gonna be super-charged with eclipse window potency!  whatever this full moon, and the transits this week, expose will be giving you a clue as to the type of non-negotiable change that may be coming your way.  fated twists and turns in the road ahead are possible.  get ready for breakthroughs and an upgrade  in the aries/libra territory of your chart.

the important thing to remember here is that your level of consciousness determines how any transit will affect you.  stay awake.  stay present.  and follow any emotional triggers.  instead of ignoring, suppressing or reacting to the trigger, take a moment to get curious. instead of "why me?!" ask yourself "what am i feeling? and why am i feeling this way? why might this be happening?  what might the awareness, lesson and gift from this experience be?"  let your exploration lead you to where you need to go and what you need to know.  then, let your aries instincts guide you to where you need to take action, what needs to be reframed or adjusted.


your full moon mantra?  "i am aligning MY will with my SOUL'S will."

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look to 6 degrees aries/libra in your chart to discover the area in your life where this full moon is happening.

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*what's music

got to do with it?


music evokes emotion and like we said, the soul, (which is what this journey of life is all about,) evolves through the emotional body.  music is also vibration + frequency and has the power to shift our vibration + frequency. the higher we vibe, the easier it is for us to avoid chaos so we can stay in our lane. 

so turn up the tunes, move that emotional energy + shift your vibe into high gear.  cuz your soul's got places to be.

scroll down for this week's daily forecast

daily cosmic forecast.

your soul is on the journey of
 a lifetime.

life is a journey, and your soul is in the driver's seat. how fast you arrive at your soul's destination has everything to do with your soul's evolution and your choices.


the soul evolves through the emotional body and from an astro perspective, the moon is the emotional body.  and just as our emotions move, (it is called "e-motion, after all) so too does the moon. the moon influences our mood as she moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac.  she wakes up the mood of every planet she touches - each planet symbolizing a force + function within us.  the moon, and her cycles, 

 offers us daily navigational emotional guidance for our soul's journey.

week of september 25th:

monday until 8:38am est tuesday - the moon is in aquarius.

the waxing aquarius moon renews your sense of uniqueness and your soul's desire to break free from conformity.  today's moon is saying "do what you want and be what you want!"  follow your unique path regardless of what anyone else thinks.  find a tribe or create your own under th light of this moon.

the week starts with a strong sense of intuition and the ability to envision your future.  tune in and listen.  exercise some aquarian detachment and objectivity to gain a higher perspective.  read the cosmic forecast above for more on monday's positive cosmic transit.

click here to learn more about aquarius.

tuesday between 8:38am & 8:18pm est - the moon is void of course.

it's a long day in the void!  take this time to follow through on what you've already started and those mundane tasks that may be sitting on the back shelf.

here to learn more about void of course energy


tuesday beginning at 8:18pm until 4:58pm est thursday - the moon is in pisces.

the watery pisces moon is almost full and she has us feeling it all.  surrender into the unknown.  pisces energy is limitless, timeless and connected to the whole.  surrender your worries and allow your nervous system to reset.  find some solitude.  if you feel the urge to lose yourself in what you love, go for it!

 here to learn more about pisces.


thursday between 4:58pm & 8:17pm est - the moon is void of course again. 

this void of course moon is what we call an "opportunity period" in astrology.  opportunity periods are good for just about anything, but they are especially good for healing.  tune into the healing power of this void of course moon.

and click here for more on general void of course moons.


thursday beginning at 8:17pm until 5:50pm est saturday - the moon is in aries. 


a full moon in aries can build up your physical energy and get your willpower all fired up, maybe even too fired up!  you might find yourself feeling quite restless.  direct your energy into something productive and move your body.

there are alot of transits infusing their energy into this full moon so make sure you've read the cosmic forecast above for more on what's going on with this super-charged full moon.

and click here for more on aries.


saturday between 5:50pm & 9:18pm est  - round 3 of the void of course moons. 

this brief void is the perfect time to chillax and enjoy a quiet, peaceful saturday night dinner.

while your chillaxing in the void, mercury will trine uranus.  open up your  mind to receive breakthroughs, new solutions and directions that this transit may deliver!

and click here for more on void of course moons.


saturday beginning at 9:18pm through to sunday  - the moon is in taurus. 

when the moon is in taurus, feed your senses and your essential needs.  listen to your body and your feelings.  enjoy the simplicity of life and material comforts.  do what makes you feel grounded, peaceful, safe and secure.  this is a great moon for making investments in a business, something you value or a cause you want to support.

and click here for more on taurus.


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