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time to step out from the wings and into the limelight

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planetary ruler | element | modality

planetary  ruler  -  uranus

each sign is ruled by a planet. and the planets in your chart are functions and forces within you.

known as the generational planet, the themes associated with uranus are: awakening, individuality, authenticity, freedom, intuition, higher self, objectivity, innovation, revolution, iconoclasm, technology, electricity and past-life trauma.  where uranus is in your astro chart indicates where your soul is liberating and breaking free from conditioning.  it's where you are learning to be objective and awakening to your authenticity.  it's also where you may be rebellious and create chaos or change.

element  -  AIR

the air element is yang in nature, meaning its expression is outward, moving away from the center.

air energy is associated with the agility of thoughts, ideas, observation and logic. it's social, changeable, intellectual and relationship-oriented. air signs source their energy from outside themselves by communicating, sharing ideas, through their relationships and through mental activities.  aquarius represents air above the mountaintops and strong, dry winds that awaken. aquarius winds inspire breakthroughs and higher consciousness.. 

 modality  -  fixed

the modality of a sign describes how that sign moves through the world.

fixed signs give value, meaning and purpose to the cardinal signs that come before them in the zodiac wheel.  aquarius, therefore, gives value, meaning and purpose to capricorn's achievement with respect to how they serve humanity and its evolution.  fixed signs have an affinity for the planning and building phase of creative projects.  they value reliability, consistency, predictability and stamina.  too much change throws them off.  these signs tend to be focused loyal, stable, predictable and consistent but can be stubborn and resistant to change.

to bring a different kind of
awareness and consciousness to the world.
to break with convention.
to do things their own way.
to try things differently.
to march to the beat of their own, unique drum that the majority may not hear.
Image by Arthur Osipyan



freedom to express their individuality
to seek out like-minded souls.
to be okay with not fitting in.
time for introspection. time for self-development. time for expansion.
time for creative and artistic advancements.
to uphold their values, morals, ethics.
to help humanity build a better future.
how to breathe life into
aquarius is the lone wolf of the zodiac.  they live from their "higher perspective" minds and just need a little alone time for introspection.
aquarius is the sign of humanitarianism.  they have the superpower to nurture a community but can often be heard to say, "i don't like people, but i love humanity."
aquarians often feel like they are on the outside looking in, that they are different from everyone else. they'll seek out like-minded people but need to learn to be okay being a tribe of one and not to look to a group for security.
aquarians are ultra sensitive to electromagnetic fields (technology, phones, computers).  for optimal aquarian health, they need to pull the plug on the tech superhighway and find balance with activities that keep them grounded.. 

empowered   is:





embraces their archetypal personalities:

(the energy patterns that make you who you are)


visionary | revolutionary | rebel | iconoclast | inventor | liberator humanitarian | philanthropist | activist genius | maverick | catalyst whistleblower

everyone has aquarius somewhere in their astro chart.

any planets that you have in aquarius connect you to the areas in your life where you feel different.  the degree to which you feel different is directly linked to how many planets you have in aquarius. 
strong aquarius in your chart means you'll get to choose what's different about you. if you deny and suppress that choice, then it will come up over, and over, and over again.

you are your whole astro chart.

and find out how all of your signs work together.

signs your aquarian energy is out of balance:

aquarius gone wild


too radical
fixed opinions
overly rebellious
passive aggressive

Image by mrjn Photography

aquarius gone


fear of change
fixed opinions
ultra conservative
emotionally detached
feeling like an outsider

ma   tras





aquarius inspired


i stand for individuality and awaken the potential of a new age.
in community, we can stand stronger.
i am unique and express myself without inhibition.
i follow my heart's desire and my unique path regardless of what anyone else thinks.
i am re-inventing my life to align with the vision of my future and who i am becoming.
i am receptive and open to the solutions the universe provides.
thinking outside the box will bring a solution.

where am i conforming just to fit in?
from what conditioning am i breaking free?
where am i seeking authenticity in my life?
what makes me feel different? am i embracing my uniqueness?
what potential can i awaken in myself and in others to make the world a better place?

Image by Angèle Kamp

what  to  get

the  aquarius


in  your  life


our picks:

  • "You're not Dying. You're Just Waking Up" by Elizabeth April

  • "Manifestation Mastery: How to Shift Your Reality & Co-Create with the Universe" by Christina Rice

essential oil:

doTERRA;s "Arise Blend."  this uplifting, enlightening blend of lemon, grapefruit, siberian fir, osmanthus and melissa essential oils promotes a sense of happiness and courage ideal for setting lofty goals and altruistic intentions.

crystals + gemstones

cosmic cuts created an exclusive collection of gemstones just for aquarius. collection includes amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, hematite and emerald.

something humanitarian

speak to aquarius' humanitarian heart with this activist tee that spells out all those characteristics aquarians are know for.

a solar return reading

birthdays mark a new beginning. give your aquarian the gift of insight into what opportunites and challenges await them this year.

an innovative cocktail

don't worry if you lack the inspiration to create a truly unique cocktail worthy of aquarians' rebel yell.  astral tequila's got you covered with this one-of-a kind  spiritedmix. 

emf protection

the internal circuitry of aquarians is highly charged. protect their sensitivity to emfs with these tonics

infrared + vibro-acoustic therapy

give your aquarian the gift of good health with the industry's leading infrared and vibro-acoustic mats 

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