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what do these all             have in common?

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Happy Couple
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energy, baby! energy

Abandoned Home

have you ever 

walked into a room and just felt like the life force was being drained from your body?


conversely, been someplace where you immediately felt energized, rejuvenated and nourished?

Lanterns in a Tent
humans are very susceptible to energy
and everything, like EVERYTHING emits energy
plants, humans, inanimate objects, words, thoughts, places - all have their own vibration, their own frequency.  when we are operating at our optimal frequency level,  we feel good.  we feel healthy. but when our energy drops or we are vibing too high, chaos creeps in and spells trouble for our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
Image by Milo Weiler

who or what

is messing

with your vibe? 

common culprits are:

  • negative thoughts & emotions 

  • processed foods (garbage in, garbage out)

  • electro-magnetic frequencies of tech devices

  • environmental toxins

  • people operating outside of their own optimal frequencies

protect your vibe!

1. what are you telling yourself?  


are your thoughts vibing at a high level? even words give off a certain frequency.  studies have shown that positive, loving, encouraging words can alter the molecular structure of water in enticing, beautiful ways.  and negative words, not surprisingly, have the reverse effect.  what are you telling yourself?  are your words and thoughts making deposits to or withdrawing from your overall frequency?  

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2. are your issues in your tissues?  


if you are not finding ways to release your emotions, they will remain trapped in your body, eating away at your energy, your overall health and slowing down your vibrational frequency.  exercise, journaling, writing, singing, dancing - these are all ways to release pent up emotions.  but have you considered melting your issues by treating your tissues? MELT method is a self-treatment technique that gets into the connective tissue to release pent up emotional issues. 

melt roller.jpg

3. is tech taking a toll?  


modern tech advances are amazing.  they have changed our lives in unimaginable ways, mostly for the good.  but the devices we rely so heavily on, also emit frequencies that can interrupt our own energy flow.  but don't despair.  tech does what tech does best.  tech companies have gone deep into r&d mode to develop emf (electro-magnetic frequency) protectors, from small but mighty devices you can stick to the back of your phone or computer to grounding mats. 

trek on tech.  trek on!

4. it's not me, it's you 


how do we say this delicately? there are people in this world that are gonna mess with your vibe.  it's just a fact.  when possible, surround yourself with the people who get you singing, "good, good, good, good vibrations"

Image by Victor Garcia
Image by Jake Allen

5. would you like to make a deposit or withdrawal today?


there are energy replenishing activities and energy depleting activities.  both are valid and both are needed.  the trick is to know what you need on any particular day.  if your energy is already drained and depleted, making a deposit to your energy bank by engaging in some yoga or meditation for example, will go farther toward getting you back to your optimal frequency than hitting the gym hard with some energy depleting cardio.  and of course, the reverse is true.  if you're vibing so high that you're like a lightning rod, consider making an energy withdrawal to get you back in balance.

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