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 curator of chaos

sun sign: aquarius (air sign)

rising sign: libra (air sign)

moon sign: cancer (water sign)

super powers:  visionary rebel, creative a/f, finding humor in unlikely places

kryptonite:  going invisible, staying grounded

tonics of choice:  retail therapy, ballet and contemporary dance

favorite ritual:  getting myself into hot water, literally

guilty pleasure:  are there any other kinds?

hats worn:  creative director, designer, artist, editor, retail therapist, human mannequin, comic relief



 goddess of tonics

sun sign: scorpio (water sign)

rising sign: leo (fire sign)

moon sign: taurus (earth sign)

super powers:  solving life's mysteries, alchemist, building something out of nothing

kryptonite:  going all in and going off-balance

tonics of choice:  essential oil potions, living by the moon, and dancing 

favorite ritual:  a poem a day to remind me that the ordinary is quite extraordinary

guilty pleasure:  sun worshiping, candle-lit dinners and talking to my cats

hats worn: certified C.H.E.K. Institute holistic health coach, MELT method practitioner, essential oils alchemist, and stargazer

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