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astrologist + chief tonic officer

a seasoned holistic health and life transformation coach, betsy's soul purpose is to help others to honor their own soul's unique fingerprint and soul path to discover optimal health, happiness, success and purpose in their lives. with over 35 years of training and experience in health, wellness, holistic healing and astrology, betsy brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique approach to help you reconnect with and honor your soul's reason for being, heal the past and evolve to live out your highest potential and soul purpose.

sun sign: scorpio (water sign)

rising sign: leo (fire sign)

moon sign: taurus (earth sign)

super powers:  solving life's mysteries, alchemist, building something out of nothing

kryptonite:  going all in and going off-balance

tonics of choice:  essential oil potions, living by the moon, and dancing 

favorite ritual:  a poem a day to remind me that the ordinary is quite extraordinary

guilty pleasure:  sun worshiping, candle-lit dinners and talking to my cats

hats worn: counseling astrologist, certified C.H.E.K. Institute holistic health coach, MELT method practitioner, essential oils alchemist, and stargazer


creative director

crystal's creative potential was unleashed as a result of betsy's cosmic counseling and coaching. with a visionary eye for detail and rebellious heart, she's able to ground betsy's genius in creative, approachable and entertaining ways.  her passion is to create harmony and beauty, inspire emotional connections through entertainment and push the boundaries of what we think is possible, . . . at any age.

sun sign: aquarius (air sign)

rising sign: libra (air sign)

moon sign: cancer (water sign)

super powers:  visionary rebel, creative a/f, finding humor in unlikely places

kryptonite:  going invisible, staying grounded

tonics of choice:  retail therapy, ballet and contemporary dance

favorite ritual:  getting myself into hot water, literally

guilty pleasure:  are there any other kinds?

hats worn:  creative director, designer, artist, editor, retail therapist, human mannequin, comic relief

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