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planetary ruler | element | modality

planetary  ruler  - mars

each sign is ruled by a planet. and the planets in your chart are functions and forces within you.

mars symbolizes our personal will, assertiveness, the nature of our energy, including our sexual energy, our desire nature and how we manage our anger.  the sign mars is in, tells you how you go after what you want, how you initiate your goals.  the function of mars is to take what your soul wants and to act on it.

element  -  fire

the fire element is yang in nature, meaning its expression is outward, moving away from the center.

fire has a wild and untamed quality. fire signs are action-oriented and characterized by the dynamic energy of inspiration, enthusiasm and passion. they are energized by movement, spontaneity and live experiences.  slowness, stagnancy and limitations suck the energy out of fire signs.

 modality  -  cardinal

the modality of a sign describes how that sign moves through the world.

motivated, ambitious and enterprising, cardinal signs love beginnings and initiating creative projects. they get stressed out when things aren't feeling fresh and new.

Image by Anderson Rian


the power to shape their own life.
to follow their instincts.
to initiate.
to explore.
to discover more and more about themselves.
absolute freedom to act upon their soul's desires without restriction.
to assert themselves.
to learn a healthy expression of anger.
to win and will fight for what they want.
to lead.  to be the leader of their own lives or of others.
the freedom to experience life and evolution on their own terms.
how to keep that
aries fire burning bright
aries needs external energy from the environment and from experiences.
the aries life path is to  develop their identity through action, to pursue their vision and externalize their values, ideals, and philosophies through action.
competitive and instinctual by nature, aries wants what it wants and can be reactive, following their instincts without stopping to think.
aries is excellent at initiating but
can lack the stamina to follow through.
2018 he we come!_edited_edited_edited.jpg


empowered   is:





warrior | knight | adventurer | pioneer | daredevil | survivor | hero | heroine | activist | leader | competitor 

embraces their archetypal personalities:


(the energy patterns that make you who you are)


the underlying shadow of aries is their subconscious insecurity, lack of confidence, self-doubt and deep, hidden anxiety. 

there often is also a wounded sense of the masculine part of the psyche.  the focus for aries is how to heal and integrate the masculine through archetypal expression.

where is aries in your chart?

everyone has aries somewhere in the chart.  find out where yours is.

you are your whole astro chart.

and find out how all of your signs work together.

signs you are overfeeding or underfeeding your inner ram:

aries gone wild

hero complex
lacks subtlety



aries gone

damsel in distress
chickens out

i am brave.
the present moment informs me deeply.
i am instinctual and assertive.
i initiate with calmness and courage.
i possess the ability to pioneer and initiate new things.
i lead myself to my destiny.
i go after what i want.

ma   tras





aries inspired


 who am i?  i am  . . . (fill in the blank)
of the list of adjectives that describe me to my core, which are the top 3 that i want to assert more of during my day?
what action  do i need to take to make that happen?
what prevents me from asserting myself?
when i assert myself, what effect does it have on others?


how can i assert myself more effectively?
what have i been avoiding?
do i have the courage to begin it?
what are my instincts telling me?
what do i desire?
what do i want to champion?
what's the fight worth fighting for?
what can i initiate and take the lead on, today?
how can i channel my impulses in positive ways?


Image by Angèle Kamp

what  to  get

the  aries


in  your  life

a good read

our pick:

 "Rising Strong: How the Ability to Reset Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead" by Brene Brown

essential oil:

doTERRA;s "Motivate," made with peppermint, wild orange, clementine, lemon, rosemary, coriander, basil, spearmint, lemongrass, tonka bean, cardamom, melissa and vanilla absolute is the perfect blend to fuel that aries fire.

crystals + gemstones

cosmic cuts created an exclusive collection of gemstones just for aries. collection includes red jasper, aquamarine, carnelian, black onyx, and garnet.


our exclusive "label yourself a warrior" retro tank has aries written all over it!

an astro reading

aries have a driving desire to discover more and more about themselves.  so give your aries what they want, what they really, really want.

a real head scratcher

aries competitive nature can dial up the stress and because aries rules the head, a nice head massager is always a welcome (and affordable) gift.



liquid courage

if your aries responsibly enjoys a cocktail, why not give them a cocktail inspired by their sign!  astra tequila's "pink moon" is just that drink.  click below for the recipe.

a solar return reading

birthdays mark a new beginning.  give your aries the gift of insight into what opportunities and challenges may await them this year.


the adventure of a lifetime

feed that adventurous soul with an awe-inspiring experience from Virgin.



aries rules the head so help your aries get a better night's sleep with this therapeutic pillow.



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