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if we fail to nourish our souls, they wither,
and without soul, life ceases to have meaning

- marion woodman

Wedding Photo

what's your mrs
got to do with it?

we're talking your moon, rising and sun signs -
your match made in heaven.

your moon sign embodies your emotional being. it represents the nature of your emotional energy and the karmic emotional imprints from the past.  your moon sign represents your soul and the nourishment your soul needs in order to achieve your life purpose.

your rising or ascendant sign represents how you navigate your life; how you engage with your environment and how you go about achieving your life purpose.

your sun sign represents your core purpose in this life. it's your outward facing persona, your ego identity, and the outward expression you are evolving into.


Moon Gazing

you've met your mrs
now what?


  • book a body + soul care reading and find out the specific road snacks your soul and body needs to stay happy, healthy + whole.

  • stay tuned! we're busy working behind the scenes to create easy, bite-sized pdfs you can download that will give you the low down on the road snacks your soul needs to keep your moon sign nourished. 


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