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wtf is emf?

emfs are electro-magnetic frequencies emitted by the technology we use all day everyday.  they are a fact of modern life. but these invisible fields of energy can have major impacts on our health, blocking the flow of our own, human energy, and putting a hard stop on our body's ability to heal and restore itself.

we can't live without technology, but we can protect ourselves from these potentially dangerous emfs

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the bad news

humans are designed to self-regulate and heal.  we need energy to do that.  emfs emitted from our cellphones, computers, wi-fi, led lights, and cordless phones (just to name a few) covertly infiltrate the natural flow of energy in our bodies, disrupting energy production and potentially impacting our health

this information is provided for educational and informational purposes only. use at your own risk and based on your own judgment

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emfs can hit you right in the gut

according to leading experts in the field, emfs have been shown to increase pathogen/parasite activity by up to 500%, causing excretions to overproduce and throwing your gut health way off balance

your cell may be damaging your cells

emfs have been shown to cause damage to your cells and adversely impacting your own cellular energy

stress and mood

exposure to emfs can increase emotional stress and contribute to mood imbalances

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must sleep . . . can't sleep

emfs may contribute to fatigue, lack of energy and difficulty sleeping

the good


there are lots of tonics at your disposal to reduce emf exposure

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1. ground yourself.  literally. have contact with the earth.  walk barefoot or lie down on nature's carpet

2. unplug. 

if you're not using it. 

unplug it.

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3. cuddle up with an animal of your choosing and put your phone to bed (preferably in another room). alternatively, set your phone to "airplane mode" while you jet off to dreamland.

4. protect your devices and yourself with safesleeve anti-radiation cases

5. neutralize potentially harmful emf's like a superhero with Aires Tech's groundbreaking technology solutions. simply peel and stick Aires Tech's sleek lifetune device to your electronic device, such as your cell phone or laptop and then let it do all of the work. technology for good!  we like it.

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6. filter out the blue light from your devices by selecting the "night shift" mode on your iphone or ipad or download f.lux, free software that automatically adjusts the color of your display monitor

7. block the blue.  wear blue light blocking glasses when you're teching out

8. metal acts as an emf conductor.  try to limit the amount of metal your wearing (think underwire bras, jewelry etc)

calcite bracelet single without text.png

no metal here.  our, "you can call me, honey (calcite)" bracelet is made with just calcite crystals and love

9. ground yourself.  okay so we started off by suggesting you get grounded with the earth but we can't always walk barefoot and plunk ourselves down in a field of daisies. grounding mats or earthing sheets re-route emfs into the ground and away from your body

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