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what's a tonic?

a tonic is really anything that gives your superpowers wings. 


everyone has superpowers, unique talents + a soul purpose, but most of us, aren't accessing our full potential because we're overwhelmed, overstressed and over-subscribed.  aren't you just over it?

over a way of life that leaves you depleted, exhausted, and stuck in old, debilitating stress loops and patterns?

time for tonics!

our signature tonics focus on:

  • empowering your life with meaning + purpose

  • nourishment for the soul

  • reducing stress + anxiety by leveling up your energetic frequency

  • safe, easy + accessible pain management

  • movement to elevate your vibe

  • life cycle charting

  • honoring the natural rhythms of life


new moon in aries

it's a new astrological year.  what do you want to call in?

now is the time to set your intentions for this astrological year.  what do you really want for your life right now? if you had no fear and you couldn't fail, what would you do?  what would it feel like to live the life you want?

once, you've set your intention for the year, set a specific intention for aries season that fuels your year's intention:

  • set intentions around your appearance, self-concept, self-assessment, self-initiation and self-assertion

  • start a project.  find the courage to begin something you've been avoiding

  • assert yourself

  • assess your goals

  • discover a cause worth fighting for

  • physical fitness

  • leadership

  • entrepreneurialism

aries new moon reflections

  • what have i been avoiding? do i have the courage to begin it?

  • what are my instincts telling me?

  • what do i desire?

  • what do i want to champion?

  • what the fight worth fighting for?

  • where in my life am i being asked to make a choice or make a change?

  • what project or path do i want to initiate?

  • when i assert myself, what effect does it have on others? how can i assert myself more effectively?

  • is there a change i want to make to my appearance to reflect my individuality and authentic self?

aries new moon affirmations

  • i am creating the life i desire.

  • i am releasing fears and calling in the courage to overcome the obstacles on my path.

  • i am discovering who i am by experiencing my life. 

  • i have no need to know the future.

  • i trust my inner guidance and act on my instincts to fulfill my highest potential.

new moon in aries rituals

  • can i get an "A"?  "A" for an Aries season Alter, that is.  create a high vibin' altar to inspire you to manifest your intentions on this new, astrological year. your altar can include:

    • aries crystals (red jasper, aquamarine, carnelian, black onyx and garnet)​

    • candles (red or orange to symbolize that aries fire)

    • tarot or oracle cards - choose an oracle card on the new moon and place it on your altar

    • a picture or photo - inspired by your intention

    • a symbolic figurine - perhaps, your fave superhero, a ram, (the symbol of aries) or a statue of mars, the roman god and planetary ruler of aries

    • herbs - hot spices like ginger help stimulate aries energy but if your aries energy needs a little cooling down, nothing beats lavender

    • money - yup, cool, hard cash!

    • feathers

    • sacred texts

    • incense or essential oils - try DoTERRA's "Motivate Encouraging Blend," juniper berry or lemon essential oils.

  • journal of self-discovery - who am i?  write down a list of adjectives that describe you at your core in a journal.  look at the list and circle the top three that you want to assert more of during your day.  what action do you need to take to make that happen? what's preventing you from asserting yourself in that way? set your new moon intentions based on what you discovered.

  • breath of fire - get your aries inner flame burning bright with a breath of fire ritual. this ritual will also help you to channel and balance your inner fire, especially if aries is your moon sign.  known as "breath of fire," this practice will magnetically recharge your entire body and amplify those new moon intentions.  look for results within 2 weeks, at the full moon, which often brings new moon intentions to fruition.  NOTE:  this breathing can get INTENSE, so if you feel lightheaded, STOP and REST!  what you'll need:​

    • a quiet place;​

    • an intention;

    • a red candle;

    • 1 smudge stick of sage or palo santo

    • a bowl

    • matches

    • a journal and pen

        preview the following video before you begin your ritual:

  1. find a quiet and comfortable place to sit

  2. light your candle, then light your sage stick.  cleanse your aura by passing the smoke up and down your body.  imagine any tiredness or negativity drifting away. extinguish the smudge stick in a bowl

  3. take some slow, deep breaths and focus on your intention.  feel your intention in your body already manifested.  imagine yourself getting what you are intending to manifest during this moon cycle.  how does it feel?

  4. keep focusing on your intention and perform the breath of fire (see video above) for 5-10 minutes

  5. once you feel complete, shift back into long, deep and easy breathing.  sit quietly, feeling the shift in energy pushing through you

  6. write down any insights in a journal. if you received intuitive information, take action

  7. blow out the candle

aries season

take a deep dive into aries, what gets their fire burning, what they need and what they want.

tonics to try.
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