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time to step out from the wings and into the limelight

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an  education
planetary ruler | element | modality

planetary  ruler  -  venus

each sign is ruled by a planet. and the planets in your chart are functions and forces within you.

venus symbolizes beauty, love, pleasure and your relationship with yourself and others.  venus represents the yin, the feminine and relates to the psychology of listening.  in the natal chart, venus indicates the types of relationships you value and attract, how you create balance and harmony in everything and anything you do (relationships, your home, and environment.) venus also influences the type of relaxation and pleasure you seek and enjoy.

venus rules 2 signs: taurus + libra.  taurus (the yin or inner expression/side of venus) represents your essential needs and values.  it embodies your sensual nature, self worth and assets (both inner and outer).   on the other hand, libra, connects you to the "other"and how you relate to others.

element  -  earth

the earth element is yin in nature, meaning its expression is inward; energy moving toward its center.

earth energy embodies the grounded energy of creativity, practicality and resilience. it's a fertile + passive energy that relates to the world on a physical level.  physical/body needs are important as is material security.  pragmatic routines + sensuality energizes earth signs and too much movement, sudden change + an emphasis on emotions can deplete it.

taurus represents earth energy that is natural, fertile and lush.

 modality  -  fixed

the modality of a sign describes how that sign moves through the world.

fixed signs give value, meaning and purpose to the cardinal signs that precede them on the zodiac wheel.  so, taurus, gives value and meaning to aries' actions. fixed signs have an affinity for the planning and building phase of creative projects.  they value reliability, consistency, predictability and stamina.  too much change throws them off.  fixed signs tend to be focused, loyal, stable, predictable and consistent but they can also be stubborn and resistant to change.

Image by Klara Kulikova


to establish predictability
in their lives
the earthly, creature comforts in life
to find comfort
in the every day chores.
material safety, security and stability
to discover
their inner and outer resources and assets.
a sense of beauty in life,
routine, simplicity, building, touch, sensual pleasure, good food, good smells, beauty and music.
a sensually oriented and fulfilling life.  the good life.  
strong survival needs can lead taurus to over-accumulate possessions
like money, cars, fancy homes . . . 
to enjoy the more sensual side of life.
to indulge in the comforts of all 5 senses - the touch of human skin, the taste of fine food and drink, the finer scents in daily work, the sight of a beautiful person or scene, the sound of music.
to withdraw into themselves to develop their own value systems.
how to keep your
inner taurus grounded
reconnect to the energies of the earth and the nature of the five senses.
discover yourself as your greatest resource. 
healthy boundaries.
when taurus energy is out of balance, it can create physical issues in the throat, neck, cervical spine, inner ears or thyroid.
Image by Kurt Francois

empowered   is:



strong values
strong desires







embraces their archetypal personalities:

(the energy patterns that make you who you are)


| goddess | hedonist | farmer | builder | pragmatist | artist | musician | sensualist | lover | naturalist | bodyworker | peasant |  midas

everyone has taurus somewhere in their astro chart.

if your ascendant (rising sign) is in taurus, or you have personal planets, pluto, or the north node or 2nd house in taurus, your soul is here to experience and embody self-reliance, self-sufficiency, self-containment and

you are your whole astro chart.

and find out how all of your signs work together.

Image by Paolo Feser



overly possessive


Image by Anand Thakur

gone underground


shut down
slow to change
overly cautious
unrequited lover

'frog in the well' syndrome

ma   tras





taurus inspired


i have.
i create self-reliance with every metamorphosis, enjoying the sensual world along the way.
the river of change is leading me to fertile ground.
i find peace and abundance by discovering my true potential.
i recognize and am able to let go of old, stuck patterns.
i am learning something new from every experience.

how can i engage with more of my senses and find greater beauty in my daily affairs?
what are my values?
what are my essential needs?
what would i sacrifice for survival?
what helps me feel grounded and centered?
what do i need to feel more stable and secure?
what am i willing to face and resolve so i can move forward?
what boundaries do i need to set in order to bloom more fully?
where am i overdoing or underdoing my taurus energy?

Image by Angèle Kamp

what  to  get

the  taurus


in  your  life

a good read

there's really nothing like the touch and smell of an actual, physical book.  we recommend "reclaim your wild" by traci weber and  "the science of stuck" by britt frank

essential oil:

doTERRA's "Peace Reassuring Blend"  made with vetiver root, lavender flower, ylang ylang flower, frankincense resin, clary sage flower, marjoram leaf, labdanum twig absolute, spearmint leaf/flower essential oils offers a sweet, rich, minty aroma sure to sweeten taurus' sense of smell.

crystals + gemstones

cosmic cuts taurus inspired gemstone collection is a rock solid gift. 


collection includes rhodonite, emerald, garnet, red tiger's eye, and carnelian

MELT method

give taurus a gift certificate for a massage and they have one massage.  give a taurus the gift of MELT method and they have the gift of massage every day at their own fingertips.

enter code: betsy@MELT

a solar return reading

birthdays mark a new beginning. give your capricorn the gift of insight into what opportunities and challenges await them this year.

sound therapy

give taurus their very own, personalized, vibro-acoustic therapy system.

give 'em the moon

astral tequila's "blood moon" cocktail has all the mixin's to tantalize taurus' senses. click below for the recipe.

bach flower remedy

to help taurus break through fixed attitudes and behavior patterns.


give taurus the creature comforts of this buttery soft, rolled-cuff muscle tee 

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