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biomat + bioacoustic mat therapy

"as a life long athlete and former pro-football player, i value optimal physical and mental health. my personal experience with the Richway Biomat and BioAcoustic therapy mat has made me a true believer.  at age 56, i had a traumatic fall breaking three ribs and puncturing my lung.  the coolest thing about [the mats] was that i could do it on my own and in my own home - no running around to practitioners for treatment.  my healing was expedited miraculously and i was easing back to normal activities within three weeks and back to my bootcamp workouts and pickle ball courts going full speed at four weeks!  WHAT?! needless to say, my doctors were amazed.  i also experienced a noticeable decrease in other joint pain that i have had for many years.  [these mats are] a GAME CHANGER for athletes at any age and stage of their career - not only dramatically improving regeneration, recovery time and injury prevention, but in training the body-mind for peak performance on and off the field." 

jim b.

"immense gratitude for the change you brought into my life.  5 year breakthrough of no asthma/allergy!! serious miracle breakthrough!!"

melissa m.

"i started my journey with the mini biomat and quickly saw the benefits. two months later, i ordered the biomat pro along with the bioacoustic mat. it's helped with better quality sleep, muscle recovery and relaxation. bonus, my elderly dog is also hooked on the mat and meditates with me every morning!"

ann marie b.

"i have been using the "trifecta" consisting of the biomat, bio-acoustic mat + amethyst pillow for over a year now to support my healing process from a stroke + to reduce chronic pain i've been dealing with for years. it is such a convenient healing system in the comfort of my own home. with coaching on usage from chaos & tonic and using it consistently, 5-7 days a week, i have experienced amazing results. i have reduced my pain significantly and am thinking more clearly, sleeping better, my blood pressure has lowered and i feel better able to manage daily stressors. i love the added benefits of detoxification and strengthening immune health. i also have the biomat mini which is great for travel and when sitting at my computer. i have given a biomat mini to everyone in my family. that's how much i believe in the richway biomat system!"

melanie b.

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biomat testimonials

cosmic coaching

"thank you from the bottom of my heart for the soul path reading.  you helped me to shift lifetimes of energy! you were so clear and descriptive of what my soul's journey is all about; past, present, future!  what incredible insights and understandings i uncovered and now deeply understand.  it was brilliant and so healing for me and i'm deeply appreciative for your wisdom, love, time and support.  you're truly amazing and have a very special gift for this work."

elizabeth k.

cosmic coaching testimonials
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