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is the 
sonic tonic?

 your very own, personalized
vibro-acoustic therapy system

is the chatter
in your head?

getting in the way of you getting ahead 

are you?

in a stress pool of exhaustion



bioacoustic mat sound waves edited.jpg

sounds like
it's time 
to get your head in the game

vibro-acoustic therapy is a game changer.

it's a revolutionary, non-invasive way to quickly, safely and effectively de-stress, reduce anxiety, and retrain your brain for overall improved mental, emotional and physical health and wellness.

how it works

you probably have a cellular network for your cell phone, right?  what would you do if your network was constantly dropping your calls or your text messages weren't going through or were getting jumbled?  you'd probably drop that network like it's hot.  or you'd upgrade to a more optimal plan to suit your needs.

well, your brain is your body's cell network.  it's constantly sending and receiving messages to the rest of your body.  your entire well-being is relying on the accuracy and efficacy of this neural network.  and like any network, you've got to make sure you're on the right plan for your needs. 

the brain sends and receives its messages in the form of rhythmic pulses.  this means that when exposed to another external pulse or rhythm, your body is going to, instinctually, want to sync up with that rhythm. kinda like how, when you're walking beside someone and all of a sudden, without thinking about it, you notice you are both walking in total coordination with one another.  you've synced up.  your body's ability to flow with and sync up to another rhythmic system, is referred to as entrainment.  it's like magic, but better.  it's science.  

the bioacoustic mat™ or as we like to call it, the sonic tonic, is embedded with specific musical frequencies and vibrational pulses that can coax your body and mind into different therapeutic states.

the musical tracks are carefully constructed to stimulate healthy neural activity in the brain.  the pitch and number of sounds the ear hears per second are controlled so that your mind naturally syncs with these rhythms and the body becomes more relaxed or energized, depending on the track you choose.

the bioacoustic mat™ is also designed with powerful, low frequency speakers and transducers to provide you with a vibrational, acoustic massage for your body.  the lower vibrational frequencies massage your larger muscles while the higher vibrational frequencies massage your smaller muscles.

the controlled vibrations of the bioacoustic mat™ stimulate the nerves in your spine, brain stem and the limbic system that drives emotional responses so you feel rejuvenated, more relaxed, less stressed and less anxious.


fun fact

the vibrational pulses of the bioacoustic mat™ provides deep, physical cellular stimulation to the skin, muscle and joints making it good for the body and mind.

fun fact

the bioacoustic mat's™ therapeutic music was created in the delta, theta, alpha, beta or gamma wavelengths for entrainment

fun fact

having your own bioacoustic™ mat is like having 24/7 access to your very own  masseuse, who just happens to have a background in neuroscience.

vibro acoustic mat.png

can lying on a bed?

really clear
my head?



and it all has to do with which brainwave has your head spinning right round.

brainwave chart.png

brainwaves are the root of all your thoughts and emotions.  we have 5 different brainwaves, each of which serves a different purpose.

the low frequency beta brainwave, for example, creates cortisol, your body's stress hormone. 


if you're stuck in the beta frequency, you'll soon find yourself spinning in a never-ending, habitual loop of stress.

the way out of this stress loop is to coax your mind into the higher brainwave frequencies.  this is precisely what the bioacoustic™ mat does.

so, yeah, lying on a bed can totally clear your head.

bioacoustic mat 2.png


dimensions:  73" x 28" x 3"

dual voltage:  ac 110v/220v

go pro with the

bioacoustic mat ™


coming in at 73"x 28"x 3" with a net weight of 29lbs, the bioacoustic pro fits comfortably on a standard massage table, sofa, daybed, chaise or any size bed and can easily be tucked away when not in use.  like two birds of a feather, the bioacoustic pro is designed to go with and fit comfortably on top of the infrared light biomat® pro. 

the bioacoustic mat™ contains 12 tracks developed by vibro-acoustic expert, dr. lee bartel.  these 12 tracks are divided into 4 categories for entrainment: energize, relax, sleep and stress relief.  just lie down, choose your category and vibration intensity (from 0-30), close your eyes and then just let the mat do the rest.

includes the mat (of course), controller, power adapter & audio cable, headphone jack, carrying bag and user guide.  the bioacoustic mat™ even has an external sound input so you can plug in and play your own tunes

$1850 USD (includes free shipping to the US (excluding Alaska) and Canada

amethyst pillow.png

a pillow with purpose

accessorize your mat with Richway & Fuji's exclusive amethyst pillow.

the therapeutic shape of the amethyst pillow stabilizes your neck and restores natural, cranial-sacral rhythms.

designed with alternating rows of amethyst and tourmaline crystals.  the amethyst crystals conduct far infrared light rays while the tourmaline generates negative ions, believed to increase serotonin and dopamine, the body's happy hormones.

includes memory foam insert.

size:  19.09"x11.81"x4.13"

weighs:  5.51lbs

$380 USD (includes free shipping to the US (excluding Alaska) and Canada

look, we get it, we really do.


investing in the bioacoustic mat™ is just that, an investment. 

it's an investment in your health.

but if you're not investing in your health,

your probably investing in illness.   

when you purchase through us, you don't just get a mat.

you get us too!

we'll provide you with a customized plan on the best way to use your bioacoustic mat™ for optimal results based on your specific needs and desires. 

need to geek out?

curious?  intrigued?

but not quite ready to commit?

we got you.

read what people are saying

*schedule a demo

or order risk free

return the bioacoustic mat™ for a full *refund within 7 days of date of delivery.

* demos are currently only available in connecticut.

* refunds do not include the cost of shipping. 

browse through brochures, manuals, articles and studies

have questions?

contact us

no pressure.  just answers.

legal stuff

bioacoustic mat™ + accessories are products of:

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these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  always consult with your licensed healthcare professional for specific medical advice.

need to know:

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