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from lost to found. how dance changed my life.
chaos & tonic

from lost to found. how dance changed my life.

dance is fitness for the body,

exercise for the mind and nourishment

for the soul.


in other words,



is a



everyone starts somewhere

why not start here?

need variety? looking for a fun, cardio-forward activity that will not only improve your coordination but also strengthen your mind?  look no further than a latin or ballroom dance style.  whether you have previous experience or no experience, there's a class for you.  and it's only a click away!

are you wanting to improve your posture and alignment?  do you desire having the strength of a tiger with the grace of a swan?  well, then ballet is for you.  no worries, if you've never taken a ballet class before.  you can start at any age and reap the benefits!

more dance styles to come!

samba got your numbah?

wet your appetite for dance with this

quick, easy to follow tutorial

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