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full moon in
libra Tonics

libra is a sign driven by partnerships, harmony and balance

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full moon reflections

  • what has been brought to my attention since the new moon in aries on march 21st?

    • how am i coming along with my projects, plans, relationships?

    • what do i know now that i didn't know then?

    • what has come to fruition or been completed?

    • what emotional content is rising up that needs to be released

    • what do i need to let go of?

  • the last time the new moon was in libra was 6 months ago

    • how have i improved my connections since then?​

  • where in my life am i feeling out of balance?

  • how do i feel about my current relationships (or lack thereof)?

  • do i compromise too much? not enough? just enough? how can this be better balanced?

  • how can i be in a relationship without relinquishing my personal needs?

  • is there an issue that feels unfair to me? what can i do about it?

  • how can i create more beauty and harmony in my life?

full moon affirmations


"with increasing awareness, i see myself and others with greater clarity. 

i celebrate the results and manifestations of my intentions and efforts."

  • "let go of that which is falling away"

  • "i honor my needs as i respect the needs of others"

  • "i value my inner strength and beauty"

  • "harmony feeds my soul"

full moon rituals

  • turn the love light on

    • you will need 1 x black candle and 1 x white candle

    • if you created a new moon in aries altar, place your candles on the altar

    • ask yourself what you are releasing?  is it pain from a break-up? expectations of others? unhealthy relationship patterns?

    • whatever you are releasing, write it on a piece of paper and place the paper under the black candle

    • light the black candle to absorb the energy and transmute it

    • once the black candle has melted down a bit, burn the list with the candle's flame

    • now, light the white candle to invite in new energy and love

    • on a piece of paper, write a wish list for your love life and/or the type of partnerships or the balanced outcome you want to attract

    • while the white candle is burning, place your wish list under the candle

    • then, place your list under a crystal or in a sacred spot

    • seal the ritual with candlelit dinner for one or with a loved one

  • sip 'n ink

    • brew some moon milk, a libra inspired cocktail such as astral tequila's "hibiscus nectar" or any bevvy of your choice

    • sit, sip and ink your full moon reflections in a journal

    • the full moon is a time to give gratitude for the achievements made from seeds sown when the new moon was in the same sign of libra (six months ago)

    • what intentions did you set for yourself back in october? time to celebrate everything your achievements and everything you have moved through since then

  • sacred moon water ritual

    • pour some filtered water into a mason jar

    • add a clear quartz crystal or any of these libra crystals: labradorite, black tourmaline, tiger's eye, emerald or natural citrine.  just make sure to check whether the crystal can be placed in water as not all crystals can.  if the crystal cannot be placed in water, you can just place it next to the jar of water

    • create a sacred space by placing anything around you that helps make your space feel more magical.  for example, flowers, crystals, photos, more candles or other sacred objects

    • cleanse and purify the air by burning sage, palo santo or diffusing essential oils.  an essential oil to try is doTERRA's "purify oil."

    • sit or lay down and ground yourself by taking deep, slow breaths

    • meditate upon what is coming up for you at this full moon.  where are you feeling out of balance? breathe into these areas of your life as you send them love + healing

    • ask for guidance where you are not clear. listen for the answers; they are always within

    • based upon your full moon illumination and where you are feeling out of balance, create an intention.  write it down. be clear and specific.  where are you seeking balance?

    • breathe deeply.  visualize energy pouring into wherever you are asking for balance.  visualize your intention coming to fruition.  see and feel the beauty, love and harmonious  vibes within and around you

    • repeat the affirmation: "i am balanced within and without" or one of your own affirmations, three times

    • take your moon water jar and speak your intention to the water. close the lid. leave your moon water on a window sill or outside to charge up under the libra lunar rays

    • place your written intention under the jar

    • close your ceremony by giving thanks to the invisible forces supporting you. give thanks for your lessons and growth

    • after the full moon, use your moon water to make your fave tea.  sip and think about your full moon intentions.

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