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biomat aroma stand

biomat aroma stand


take a stand while lying down on your biomat® pro.  the biomat aroma stand provides a convenient and contemporary home for your biomat® pro's controller.  


the biomat aroma stand is designed with diffuser pads for use with your fave essential oils. comes with a 30ml bottle of lavender aroma oil (please note, this lavender aroma oil is NOT an essential oil)

  • Specs

    height: 32.48"

    width: 13.38"

    weight: 5.51 lbs


  • Shipping and Returns

    includes free shipping.

    usually ships within 7-14 business days exluding weekends and holidays.

    return inquiry falls within: qualifies for:
    0-7 days from date of delivery 100% refund*
    8-14 days from date of delivery 70% refund*
    15-30 days from date of delivery 50% refund*
    31+ days from date of deliver no refund

    *Refunds do not include the cost of shipping

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