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Fun at Yoga


it may be a four letter word, but yoga is goodness all the way. 


yoga has the power to calm the chaos, ignite your inner fire and sharpen your focus, all while keeping you balanced and in harmony with life. 


and with so many different types of yoga to practice, yoga is literally for everyone. 


so wear your yogi labels, (click on image to order)

yogi elephant grey close up.png

grab a mat (we are over the moon, for this mat  (click on image to order) 

chaos & tonic is an amazon associate.   we will earn a commission from qualifying purchases made through amazon affiliate links

and then breathe in the good four letter word and exhale all those other four letter words.

ahhhhh, we feel better already

pose ready

    but don't know where

                          to start?

cut through the chaos

and start with the best! 

kundalini and vinyasa

are two very different styles

and these studios are, in our opinion, the best in their disciplines

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