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what is chaos?

we believe anything that puts our physical, emotional, spiritual and/or mental health in distress is on team chaos 


and the products we use and rely on every day can contribute to this chaos,

without us even realizing it

hell, even trying to find and choose which products to spend our hard-earned cash on can feel like chaos

enter the tonic market

chaos & tonic is always searching for products, services and companies

we believe are on team tonic

from every day products to activities that keep us centered and everything in between, our tonic market consists of quality products and services that support a chaos-free lifestyle  

Image by Luke Southern

the tonic market


what you need to know

this tonic market may include affiliate links.  if you purchase a product through the links provided on this website, you will not pay more but chaos & tonic will receive a small commission

chaos & tonic is an amazon associate.  this means we will earn a commission from qualifying purchases made through any amazon affiliate links on this website

the products and companies represented on chaos & tonic's tonic market are independent from chaos & tonic.  chaos & tonic is not liable or responsible for any of the products, claims or customer experiences with the companies listed here

that's a lot of legal stuff but rest assured, to make it on our tonic market, we have to truly, sincerely believe in the product

active ave.

fitness for the body. mind. soul.

all things


coming soon!

apothecary lane

mystic drive

nutrition alley

recovery road

rest. repair. rejuvenate.

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